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Leonard T. DeShield, Jr


With over three decades of experience spanning communication, brand marketing, public relations, and talent consultancy,  Leonard DeShield  is a seasoned professional renowned for his success across diverse industries. Beginning his journey in the dynamic realms of radio and the record industries, he quickly established himself as a promotion and marketing expert, a strategic thinker, and an executive producer in fashion and beauty.


Leonard holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, Broadcast, and Media Studies from George Mason University, where his leadership talents shone as he served as the Promotions and Program Director for WGMU Radio. His internship experience with major record labels such as Sony, Epic, and Bad Boy further honed his skills, setting the stage for a remarkable career trajectory.


During his final semester at college, Leonard's exceptional work ethic and attention to detail captured the attention of Zeke Zanders, the Promotions and Marketing Director at Radio (Urban) One, Inc., leading to his recruitment as a Promotion Assistant. Through dedication and talent, he swiftly ascended the ranks to assume the role of Director of Promotions and Marketing.


As an entrepreneur, Leonard has collaborated with both national and independent recording artists, providing strategic consultation to celebrity talents, and offering marketing expertise to non-profit organizations. His contributions extend to developing communication plans for public health initiatives and community outreach programs. Moreover, he has curated and produced fashion events across prominent cities such as Washington, DC,  New York City, Los Angeles and Phoenix, as well as internationally.


His global reach is evident in his partnerships with the Smithsonian’s African Museum of African Arts and foreign embassies in the U.S., facilitating the production of celebratory events, conferences, and book signings featuring esteemed figures like the former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Leonard's commitment to cultural advancement is underscored by his involvement in fashion events in Liberia, Nigeria, Ghana, and across the U.S., promoting African heritage.


Beyond the realm of fashion and entertainment, Leonard has lent his expertise to various sectors including retail, trade associations, hotels and resorts, fine dining, lifestyle brands, and beauty and spa services. His consultancy extends to television, film, radio, and print publications, enriching diverse industries with his strategic insights and innovative approach.

Leonard is involved with various charitable organizations, but he is most passionate about serving the students and staff at Isaac A. David Sr. Memorial School in Paynesville, Liberia - a  private school founded in 1968, by his mother and his late aunt.

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Leonard DeShield

Sasha Wilson


Sasha Wilson, a multi-talented individual whose journey embodies the essence of versatility and passion for the arts. Hailing from Philadelphia, Sasha's innate love for creativity blossomed at an early age.

With a repertoire spanning across various domains, Sasha is a force to be reckoned with. As a singer-songwriter, she pours her heart and soul into her music, captivating audiences with her melodic prowess. Her presence transcends mediums as she effortlessly transitions from the runway to print and video modeling, exuding grace and charm in every frame.

Sasha's prowess extends beyond the spotlight as she delves into the intricacies of the entertainment industry. Recognizing the challenges faced by fellow creatives, she embarked on a journey to empower and uplift. Through her association with "She Is The Music," a nonprofit founded by Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, Sasha champions women in the music industry, offering invaluable resources and opportunities.

A seasoned professional, Sasha's expertise shines as a tour assistant for esteemed companies like Disney and alongside renowned artists such as Arcángel, Lil Yachty, and Guns N’ Roses. Her dedication to her craft is palpable as she meticulously matches performers with venues, ensuring a seamless fusion of talent and ambiance.

For Sasha, success is not merely a destination but a relentless pursuit fueled by unwavering determination and perseverance. She embodies the ethos of hard work, resilience, and consistency, inspiring others to chart their own path towards greatness.

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